Furkan Temir is a self-taught photographer and artist born 1995 in a small town in Eastern Turkey. After spending his childhood and adolescence in his town, he earned a scholarship for the Department of Cinema in State University and moved to Istanbul. By that time, he had developed an interest in photojournalism and traveled many times across Turkey and abroad for his projects. He combines different techniques of painting, video, photography, and installation to create works focused on minorities in the Middle East.

Temir’s photos have been published in The New York Times, TIME, CNN Photo Blog, Stern, Paris Match and the Guardian. He also had solo and group exhibitions in Germany, Italy, France, Poland and Turkey. Currently He is represented by VII Photo Agency as part of the Mentor Program. He lives in Istanbul, Turkey.

2018 Les Rencontres d’Arles, Arles, France
2017 Mixer, Istanbul, Turkey
2017 Operation Room, Istanbul, Turkey
2017 Photobook Festival, Istanbul, Turkey
2017 Mois de la Photo du Grand Paris, Paris, France
2017 Photographers' Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
2016 Photobook Festival, Istanbul, Turkey
2016 Toz Artist Run Space, Istanbul, Turkey
2016 Downstairs at Mother, London, England
2016 Forma Gallery, Hunedoara, Romania
2016 Face in Focus, Tabernacle, London, England
 2016 Krakow Photomonth Festival, Krakow, Poland
 2015 Photo Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
 2015 Mamut Art Project, Istanbul, Turkey
 2015 C/O Gallery, Berlin, Germany
 2015 Fotoleggendo, Rome, Italy
 2015 Olympus Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
 2015 Turkey Press Association, Antalya, Turkey
 2015 Umbriaworldfest, Umbria, Italy
 2014 Bayeux Calvados War Correspondents, Paris, France

Furkan Temir

Furkan Temir is a Turkish photojournalist based in İstanbul.
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